CARK-91B Car Kit Ex

• This complete car kit includes:

- Active Mobile holder / MCR-3- Power Cables / PCH-4J

- Swivel Mount / HHS-14 and Mounting Plate / MKU-1

- Handsfree unit / HFU-2T

- Handsfree unit / HFU-2T

- Microphone / MP-3 - HF PTT / PTT-1

- Data cable to connect your radio to a PC DLR-3T

Compatibility: THR880i Reference: T0094101 Car kit spare parts Parts of the complete car kit are available stand alone


T0620061 Active Mobile holder / MCR-3 T0730055

Power Cables / PCH-4J T0620057 Swivel Mount / HHS-14 T0620036 Mounting Plate / MKU-1 T0694068 Handsfree unit / HFU-2T T0692009 Handsfree unit / HFU-2T Microphone / MP-3 HG5427A HF PTT / PTT-1 T0273289 / DLR-3T


CARK-91B Car Kit Ex